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Smitten Styling Academy Australia – Sydney here I come!

Smitten Styling Academy Australia

So I’ve finally decided, I will be going to Sydney in just over two weeks to do the three day fashion styling course I’ve been looking into. I’m really excited and can’t wait to meet Wendy Mak (the founder of SSAA and pictured below) to learn more about what I love and to experience something new.

Wendy Mak

The first day of the course will be more theory based, and then days two and three will be more hands on where we can put what we learnt on day one to use.

While I’m over there I’ll be staying with my aunty, uncle, and little cousin, and I will hopefully be able to catch up with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I really hope this course is what I’ve been looking for and can encourage me to follow my love for fashion and turn it into a career I will forever enjoy. Now I just have to decide what to wear on my first day!

Below is an article about why Wendy began the Smitten Styling Academy which I liked reading. The image is a bit small here, but you can see the full size image at the following link under ‘gallery’ along with the other two images above at www.smittenstylingacademyaustralia.com.au.



2013 Fashion: the end of trends, the birth of individuality?

I was shocked when I read that 2013 may be the end of trends. News.com.au published an article Fashion 2013: The End of trends explaining there are no clear trends any more and that we are “trended out” according to trend analysts Marian Salzman. Holly Garber, the director of PR agency Golightly has told BAZAAR Australia she feels anything goes these days when it comes to style, “It seems every length, volume and body part has been explored and exhausted”. But it’s not only that every trend has been seen and worn time and time again, it’s also the influence of online shopping which is pushing out ‘trendy’. Before the rise of online shopping, stores only had limited space to sell clothes (they had to pick and choose what would appear in store). Now that stores have online space they can sell as much as they like without having to stick with specific trends, therefore giving customers a lot more to choose from with less restrictions.

So it sounds like 2013 is heading in a trend-less direction. Do you see this as a good or bad thing? I see it as a positive. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or out of place because of wearing the latest trend (simply because it is not your thing) or because you aren’t wearing the latest trend (because you’d rather wear your favourite skinny jeans and cropped jacket). Living in a trend-less 2013 will also provide people with individuality, creativity, freedom, and allow personalities to shine through. After all, clothes are an expression of ones self, so to be able to be our own trend setters is something new and refreshing for fashion lovers.

For those of you who still want to have an idea of what to expect from 2013 fashion, there are of course predictions of what will be on the racks and runways. I suggest visiting fashionising.com here. They have it covered from what will be hot from summer to winter, what colours to wear (I’m loving the greens and earthy tones), along with hair styles and make up!

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of 2012! Don’t forget to let your clothes and style reflect your personality, and individuality. X


Hello and welcome to my newest blog! I say ‘newest’ because I attempted one earlier this year which I slowly lost interest in, probably because it didn’t have a clear purpose and I felt like it was going no where. This time however I have a clearer purpose and need for a blog. After completing uni last year (a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Management) and being unsuccessful in finding a full time job this year I have decided to follow my passion for fashion (and writing) and look beyond my uni qualifications. Lately I have been looking into fashion styling courses and want to focus my energy on studying fashion which will hopefully lead me in a successful direction that I can stick too.

So the purpose of this blog? To post ideas and findings relating to fashion and styling, whether it be the latest trends, what I’ve learnt, or how my career journey is tracking – and hopefully you can learn something too. And eventually I’d also like to include a portfolio of my work (either writing and/or styling jobs).

Like anything new I’m a bit hesitant to begin this blog; I don’t want to jinx myself! But you never know unless you try. So here’s to a new beginning and with any luck a future success!